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It is no secret that almost every online communication is vulnerable to hackers and espionage software.
With the emergence of Voice over IP technologies, even conversations can now easily be decoded.
Secure Shuttle Transport (SST) changes that by providing complete protection from potential in-transit hazards.

SST is specifically designed to achieve two primary goals:

SST uses a simplified interface to send and receive encrypted data and voice messages. The interface is easy to navigate without a cluster of unnecessary, hard-to-use features. SST uses RSA encryption to secure information before sending it over the Internet. The recipient is immediately notified of the communication attempt and SST automatically decrypts the data upon receipt. RSA encryption is state-of-the-art.

Find out more about RSA, the industry standard, at www.rsasecurity.com.

Basic SST Functions:

Upgrade to corporate version:

Boomerang Software provides a complete client/server secure communication solution for corporations.
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