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Text Message:

Secure Instant Messenger IM

Secure Shuttle Transport (SST) allows you to exchange private text messages with other SST users. If the other users are online, they can immediately receive and view the messages you send.  If the recipient is not online, your message is saved on the SST server and delivered when that user is next online. If you go offline while sending a message, SST saves the message and sends it when your connection is reestablished. You can send and receive secure texts of up to 32 KB.


Secure FTP

SST enables you to send and receive any file to and from other SST users. SST protects the files from being compromised or viewed by unauthorized persons during the transfer.

Text Chat:

Secure Chat

The text chat feature uses a virtually shared window in which any of the participants of the chat session can type text in real-time with maximum encryption security. The text you type in your chat window immediately appears on the other party's screen. Text chat allows several users to securely collaborate and communicate on projects without having to travel to meetings. You get an interactive exchange of information in real time that saves both time and effort.

Email Encryption:

email encryption

Secure Email encryption is essential to prevent compromise and espionage of files sent as attachments via traditional email systems. To safely protect your files,  right-click the name of the recipient in your contact list and select Email (or right-click the file and select the "Send mail with SST encrypted attachment option). SST automatically opens your mail client with a New Message window with the file already encrypted and attached. After you send the message, only the recipient may decrypt and open the attachment.

Voice Chat 
(Voice over IP):Secure voice chat

SST uses the GSM technology for Voice over IP Chat, which ensures that even a 14,400 bps modem connection is sufficient to enable voice communications.
Note: Utilizing this feature requires your PC to have a full-duplex sound card and a headset connected to it.

Voice Message:
Encrypted voice message

The Voice Message feature allows you to use a microphone to record and send voice messages up to 15 seconds in length.

Credit Card Transaction:

Secure Credit Card transactions

SST brings a new dimension to E-Commerce by making credit card data exchange through secure messages both secure and convenient. SST allows you to send secure, encrypted credit card information in a single form to any other SST user. Even if hackers intercept your transmitted data, it is still protected with the most secure encryption technology in the world. You get maximum protection for your sensitive information across the Internet.

Note: SST utilizes two types of connection:

  1. Connection with SST server: This type of connection is used when going online, sending registration information, searching users, sending messages to offline users when direct connection with other clients is unachievable, etc.

  2. Connection with SST clients: When you want to communicate with someone on your contact list, your SST client connects to the other user's SST client directly (i.e., without connecting to the SST server). This is sometimes  referred to as a peer-to-peer connection. If the proxy your PC uses does not allow direct connections, you'll be able to send and receive ONLY text messages.