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Download your free version of Boomerang Software's SST, the world's leading secure messenger.

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If you are upgrading SST, please read the Upgrade Instructions.

SST Client Download

File name: SST.exe
File size: 2.0 MB

Download and Installation Guide:

Step 1. Click here to fill out and submit your form to download the SST client installation file.

Step 2. Access the folder in which you saved the SST.exe file.

Step 3. Double-click on the SST.exe file to start the installation.

Step 4. Follow the screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 5. After installation is complete, the Registration Wizard starts up:

  1. Read the welcome information and click "Next."

  2. Switch to "Register a new account and get a new UID" and click "Next."

  3. Enter your personal information. Note that the only required field is "Nickname."

  4. Click "Next" to start the registration process and follow the steps in the Registration Wizard.

  5. If the registration completes successfully, a welcome message will appear. Click "Finish."

Note: If you experienced any problems during this procedure, contact your system administrator.

SST Client Upgrade:

File name: SST Upgrade.exe
File size: 0.5 MB

If you already have SST version 2.008 or higher installed on your computer, you can upgrade it to the latest version by following these steps:

  1. Before you upgrade SST, back up your SSI file, which contains information about your account, by going to the the SST Main Menu and selecting Export SSI File. Export your SSI file to a location on your hard disk as well as to a floppy disk or removable storage media device. Use your SSI file to regenerate your existing account and contacts on another PC after you upgrade. Note that if you loose your SSI file, you will loose your private security keys and will not be able to use your existing account after upgrading; you would need to register a new SST account.

  2. Do not uninstall SST client from your PC. Doing so will remove the SST folder that contains your SST program files and history of messages you have exchanged with others. You should consider backing up your history to a safe place for archival purposes before you upgrade.

  3. Click here to download the SST upgrade file. Choose to run it from its current location, which will automatically download and start the upgrade installation, or save it locally to your hard disk, then double-click on the file to start the upgrade manually.

  4. The SST upgrade installation will install the latest version of SST on your system and will maintain your current security keys and contact lists. If you are unable to reestablish your existing SST account, import the SSI file that you exported in step 1.

Note: The changes made by SSTUpgrade.exe will take effect the next time you restart your computer.

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