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Secure Shuttle Transport (SST) Enterprise (Client/Server Solution):
SST is the leading encryption and secure messaging software for corporations.
The product has two unique enterprise server versions: Audit Trail Client stores the log history only on the client,
and Audit Trail Server stores the log history on the server.

                     Secure Shuttle Transport

Use Secure Shuttle Transport (SST) Enterprise to:
          - Encrypt messages
          - Encrypt text chat
          - Encrypt email attachments
          - Encrypt file transfers
          - Encrypt voice messages
          - Encrypt voice chat (Voice over IP)
          - Encrypt credit card transactions
SST does everything you need to secure your company's network and PCs.

PC Safe & Secure:
The Encryption and Security program for files, emails, and documents

                     PC Safe and Secure 
          - Encrypts and protects your data.
          - Encodes documents that can only be read by your intended recipients.
          - Securely erases sensitive files using its Wipe feature, which erases and shreds files to make them completely unrecoverable.
          - Includes DES and triple DES encryption, Digital Certificates, and much more.

Excellent protection for desktop or notebook PCs.
Perfect for corporate users to protect sensitive and confidential data on networks and PCs.
Excellent for home users who use DSL, modems, and cable modems for Internet access.

Even if hackers get through your firewalls, your documents will remain safely encrypted and protected!

For more information, contact Info@BoomerangSoftware.com
or visit www.BoomerangSoftware.com.